MDX Hawai‘i — Third Party Administrator

MDX Hawai‘i administers health plans offered by self-insured employers, national health plans and insurance companies, also referred to as Payor Groups. MDX Hawai‘i helps Payor Groups manage their health care costs by offering services such as the MDX Hawai‘i Preferred Provider Network, Medical Management, Claims Processing and a Call Center.

Currently, MDX Hawai‘i provides administrative services for health plans which serve approximately 23,500 employees and dependents for large local employers and national health plans. As a full service third party administrator, MDX Hawai‘i may administer all aspects of a large local employer’s health plan or specific components (e.g. provider network contracting and credentialing, medical management) of a health benefits plan. All of our Payor Groups have access to the MDX Hawai‘i Preferred Provider Network.

For more information about our Third Party Administrator services, see TPA Services.