Care Model Comparison

Learn why value-based care is better for your clients.

Why and How We Do It

  1. Somehow, one of the most personal aspects of life—healthcare—has become one of the most impersonal experiences there is, but not anymore. At Partners in Primary Care, we come to work every day driven by a desire to deliver care that’s grounded in the dignity and respect that seniors deserve. We not only care for our patients, but we also care about them, too.
  2. Partners in Primary Care operates under a value-based care model, compensating doctors for patients’ positive health outcomes. By comparison, under traditional (fee-for-service) healthcare models, physicians are compensated based on the number of patients they see and procedures they order. In short: we reward quality over quantity.

Partners in Primary Care Emphasizes Value-Based Care

Below are key differences between the fee-for-service and value-based care models.



  • Providers are compensated based on volume of patients and procedures
  • Focuses on individual sickness episodes
  • Can result in fragmented care
  • Care primarily provided by a single physician
  • Providers are compensated based on positive patient health outcomes
  • Focuses on preventive care and long-term wellness
  • Centered on coordinated care
  • Care provided by a physician and support team

For physicians, a value-based care model recognizes their commitment to their patients' health, and compensates them for delivering high-quality, complex care.

And for patients, value-based care often means a better experience, lower costs, and better overall health.

How We Help Agents

At Partners in Primary Care, we value the work that you do to guide seniors with their healthcare choices.

In addition to putting your clients first, we help you by:

  • Integrating population health analytics, social support services, chronic care management, and pharmacy services into our care model to ultimately drive improved patient health outcomes
  • Hosting and participating in senior-focused grassroots marketing and community engagement events
  • Inviting you to use our common areas, activity centers, and meeting rooms to conduct educational events and sales seminars with your members and prospects