Hawai‘i Specialty Pharmacy

Hawai‘i Specialty Pharmacy, a full-service specialty and infusion pharmacy provider based in Honolulu, focuses on providing injectables and specialty medications while delivering quality customer service and clinical support to you and your patients.

The highly skilled and experienced clinical team has advanced knowledge in all of the primary specialty drug categories.

As a preferred specialty pharmacy provider of MDX Hawai‘i, Hawai‘i Specialty Pharmacy supplies specialty medications for the patients whose infusion therapy is currently provided in your office.

Focusing on patient care, Hawai‘i Specialty Pharmacy will offer:

  • A multi-chair infusion suite in Honolulu
  • Same day delivery on O‘ahu and overnight shipping to Neighbor Islands
  • Medication-related supplies included at no additional cost to the patient
  • Patient education and counseling
  • An online portal to check the status of prescriptions from initial receipt to delivery
  • Access to a team of pharmacists and technicians trained in specific diseases and conditions via phone or secure chat during business hours
  • Enrollment in financial assistance programs
  • Proactive patient outreach for prescription refill and renewal
  • Prior authorization assistance

REFERRAL REQUEST FORMS – For the appropriate request form, click on the link below:

To log onto the Hawai‘i Specialty Pharmacy provider portal, click here.