Humana Medicare Advantage Plans

Effective January 1, 2022, we will be contracted with the following Humana Medicare Advantage Plans.


Humana Gold Plus HMO H0028-048-001
Humana Choice PPO H5216-232-001
Humana Choice PPO H5216-233-001
Humana Honor PPO H5216-234-000

Kaua‘i & Maui

Humana Choice PPO H5216-232-002
Humana Choice PPO H5216-233-002
Humana Gold Plus HMO H0028-048-002


2022 Benefits at a Glance

Humana Gold Plus H0028-048-001 (HMO)
Humana Choice H5216-232-001 (PPO) Humana Choice H5216-233-001 (PPO) Humana Honor H5216-234-000 (PPO)

  Kaua‘i & Maui Humana Gold Plus H0028-048-002 (HMO) Humana Choice H5216-232-002 (PPO) Humana Choice H5216-233-002 (PPO)

Lab Management Admin Reference Guide for Providers

Lab Management Decision Support Test List